Zero Caliber: Reloaded - New Quest FPS Release Date & Trailer Revealed

Zero Caliber: Reloaded - New Quest FPS Release Date & Trailer Revealed

Developer XREAL, creator of 2018's PC VR hit Zero Caliber, have revealed when their re-vamped version for Quest will launch.

The reveal came alongside a new trailer drop, revealing that the game will drop on the 13th of May, 2021.

Get ready to drop, troopers. Developer XREAL has finally revealed that their re-vamped contemporary military first-person shooter Zero Caliber: Reloaded will drop on the 13th of May, 2021 for Oculus Quest.

Announced alongside a brand new trailer, the game will feature the same wide range of locations, environments, and locomotion mechanics as the original. The developer also hinted at a couple of new enhancements, like better textures and post-release updates - including new weapons, skins, and game modes - which will arrive completely free of charge.

We've already gotten a look at another new gameplay mechanic: switching scopes, grips, and attachments on-demand as you fight through the battlefield. The trailer showed us a little more of how this will work in practice - and it looks pretty awesome.

Customize your favourite gun - Zero Caliber: Reloaded from OculusQuest

We should also keep in mind that this is a version specifically for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2: two stand-alone headsets that lack the power of a full PC VR rig. Many suspected the main trade-off could be graphics. That being said, the trailer shows extremely promising textures.

Zero Caliber: Reloaded will launch on the 13th of May, 2021 on the Oculus Quest store for $24.99. Unfortunately, it won't support cross-buy or cross-play, given that the Rift version is going to be significantly different from the Quest one.

However, if you were hoping this would be the first game you'll play on an Oculus Quest 2 Pro, you may be slightly disappointed. Facebook's Head of Mixed Reality Andrew Bosworth and Consulting Technical Officer John Carmack have revealed that although "we do have a lot of things in development where we want to introduce new functionality to the headset along the kinds that people theorize", "that’s a little ways off still. It’s still not gonna happen this year."


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