Zero Caliber: Reloaded Weapons Customisation Mechanics Revealed

Zero Caliber: Reloaded Weapons Customisation Mechanics Revealed

Developer XREAL, creator of 2018's PC VR hit Zero Caliber, have released a first look at their revamped version, launching on Quest later this year.

Zero Caliber: Reloaded will launched to the official Quest store in Q2 this year with a revamped weapons customisation system.

Zero Caliber: Reloaded will launched to the official Quest store in Q2 this year. (Credit: XREAL Games)

You may remember last month when we reported that XREAL Games had announced their plan to bring a 'reimagined' version of their acclaimed PC VR military FPS Zero Caliber to the Oculus Quest this year.

The news was enough to get us excited, in large part because this wasn't going to be any old port or technical translation. Zero Caliber: Reloaded will retain pretty much everything fans loved about the original with a bunch of juicy extras thrown in for good measure.

Now, we have our first indication of what exactly these juicy extras will be. In a video posted by the developer to the /r/OculusQuest sub-reddit, we have our first glance at a weapons customisation system which allows players to switch scopes, grips and attachments on the fly:

Customize your favourite gun - Zero Caliber: Reloaded from OculusQuest

Of course, we're also expecting a few trade-offs. The Oculus Quest and Quest 2 are stand-alone headsets, meaning they don't have access to the power of a PC VR rig. Unfortunately, that probably means we should temper our expectations about the graphical fidelity of Reloaded when it launches.

XREAL had to build the title from the ground-up for a system with a severely reduced technical capacity, so we also knew cross-play would likely be off the table.

XREAL Games Marketing Director Daniel Nyirfa released a statement from the company last month:

We are very proud of what our team has accomplished from a technical standpoint to port Zero Caliber over to the Oculus Quest platform. We’re extremely excited to bring Zero Caliber’s fan-favourite features to a new audience. Our on-the-fly swappable attachment system, weapon variety and physics, melee combat and climbing mechanics packed into an action-filled story will guarantee hours and hours of explosive fun. What’s even better is that the whole campaign can be played with friends!
The original Zero Caliber wasn't only awesome to play, it looked great too. (Credit: XREAL Games)

If you like Reloaded's unique new weapons customisation system, maybe you'll appreciate a zany new VR puzzle game? Floor Plan 2 releases next month to Quest, Rift and Steam VR.


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