Is The Microsoft Flight Simulator in VR All That It's Cracked Up to Be?

Is The Microsoft Flight Simulator in VR All That It's Cracked Up to Be?

The eleventh entry in the Microsoft Flight Simulator series was released on August 18, 2020 and it was published by Xbox. Prior to this release, some players had gained access to an alpha version being part of an insider’s program. The application simulates real-life features of the world such as buildings, water, trees, etc. in a three-dimensional form. Although its loading time has been criticized, it has been appraised for the visual quality and precision it offers. It utilizes Azure AI, Bing Maps and its own game engine therefore, it offers a authentic and hyper realistic replicate images of actual structures and features of the earth. VR support has been promised for the application in the nearest future and is already in the works. It is likely that such an improvement would revolutionize the user experience. Also worthy of note is the certainty that the Flight Simulator will feature on the HP Reverb G2 as a timed version exclusive to the gadget when it is released later this year.

The Flight Simulator runs with a robust controller support that enables the user to maneuver the craft while using the application. However, the level of integration can be upped and a better motion controller which will ultimately make the user experience more real than it presently is. We hope that the designers of this app, Asobo can make this happen. Also, the camera can be made better in a VR version where users do not need to use controller and keyboard manipulations to get the best view. Factoring this into the VR version would definitely be a serious improvement.

Users already thirst for a deeper immersion into the views as the design team has really done a great job replication some very iconic places in the world to the detail. With a VR headset, the view should feel even more real to the users. However, there have been complaints about the game as regards the performance even with the best hardware available. This has also led to questions about what specifications would be required to play the VR version.


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