VR Influencer Showcase: Matteo311

VR Influencer Showcase: Matteo311

Matteo311, Gaming with Matteo, Your One Channel for VR content - he's known by many callings, and his content spans just about everything imaginable in the VR realm. Matteo is a VR guru, and while I don't know everything about the guy, I know know one thing, he loves VR, and he's got just about every type of content available in the VR space.

VR is only a few years old, and Matt's VR content started about 1.5 years ago, so while he is a relative newcomer on Youtube, he's also becoming a veteran in the VR space.

Who is Matteo311?

So who is Matteo? Well he started out as a gamer. I mean that is pretty much all of us, right? But also like most of us, he was into youtube. What started as viewing turned into creating, first ~10 years ago with random Let's Plays, and then after a reinvention in 2019, a VR channel.

Matteo's first video after his 2019 reinvention. This man cave is off the chain!

Matteo311 - Your One Place for VR Content

It didn't take long for this man cave to become a factory, as Matteo started cranking out videos. He got back to his roots doing gameplay videos, but quickly started throwing his opinion into the VR ring. Having played a lot of Virtual Reality games, and having made a fair amount of gameplay videos, he released opinion pieces periodically with reviews, then news, and then eventually his videos became a sort of amalgam of the three.

Right around 1 year into his VR content, and Matteo seemingly found his footing as not just another guy talking over gameplay or discussing some hot topic, but as a real influencer in the space. I've found Matteo a few times by happenstance, both from my own searching, as well as from recommendations by others in the space, and I'm always impressed by just how much work goes into these videos.

Matteo digs through his 100+ games to deliver a great video on what you should be playing.

Closing Thoughts: Check Him Out!

In Matteo's words, "my channel was started simply to share my love of VR. I make the type of videos that I used to search for." While such a simple statement, it's also straight to the point and speaks volumes – Matteo is here to make VR content you want to watch. VR still isn't a mature space, and a year ago it was far worse off. Matteo found a place in the market not out of some want to "be successful", but out of a want to share VR with the world.

My channel was started simply to share my love of VR. I make the type of videos that I used to search for.

If you're interested in Matteo's channel, or just want to hear what he's got to say on Twitter, check him out! You'll be happy you did.