What should we expect at Facebook Connect?

What should we expect at Facebook Connect?
Facebook Connect is almost upon us... and therefore, so is our unconstrained speculation. (Credit: Facebook)

Mark Zuckerberg will go down in history – either famously or infamously – as the man who changed humanity’s social experience forever. It was conceivable ten years ago that Zuckerberg struck gold as a matter of pure coincidence, but at this point, it is clear he is not a one-hit wonder by any means. In 2014, Zuckerberg proclaimed that “Oculus has the chance to create the most social platform ever”; changing “the way we work, play and communicate.” I think I believe him.

So, after a few months of dominating the headlines in the VR sphere, anticipation is rising about Facebook’s annual VR/AR conference which will begin on Wednesday. But with all this in mind, what should we expect to see at the revealed at the event?

Rumours that Facebook has been working on an updated Oculus Quest headset have been swirling for some time, namely a potential leak from a Quest 2 Walmart listing. But recently, they've intensified to the point a Quest 2 reveal is all but certain. There's even been a supposed 'leak' from Facebook Connect itself of a "Meet Oculus Quest 2" promo video. We've covered that here.

The so-called leaked 'Oculus Quest 2' (Credit: Facebook)

But Facebook will also build on the headlines they’ve been courting. Despite it's 'hot topic' status, many are still confused as to what Facebook Horizon will look, feel, and play like. Considering it is currently being beta tested, I am confident making sure everyone knows what it is will be pretty high on Facebook’s agenda.

And finally, … Well, alright. This could be a long shot. But according to CNET, the time could be nigh for Facebook to unveil its own AR peripheral. We’ve known Facebook has been working on it for a while – since at least last year’s confirmation of a few working prototypes – so it is certainly not impossible. But having spent the last few weeks observing Facebook's PR closely, it'd certainly be a curveball.

What news are you anticipating most at Facebook Connect? For continued updates on Connect and more, keep an eye on VRFinal.