Waltz Of The Wizard Developer halts expansion amid PSVR silence

Waltz Of The Wizard Developer halts expansion amid PSVR silence

The PS5 has been out for a few weeks now and was met with rave reviews from day one. But while we've grown content with a "wait and see" approach to PSVR2 while Sony was busy with their next-gen console, some VR developers aren't quite so optimistic.

We've gone through quite a rollercoaster with PSVR on PS5. There was initially hints that a new unit could ship alongside the console, which were quickly was toned down. The dream ended - rather abruptly - with a HUGE blow: CEO Jim Ryan admitted that PSVR2 could be "years away."

So far we've been taking Sony at their word, assuming that they'll get back to VR when they're good and ready. Sony even recently announced a PSVR "Mega Pack" with 5 games and the PS5 adaptor, leaving us relieved they hadn't forgotten about the device.

But now Hrafn Thorisson, the CEO of Waltz of the Wizard developer Aldin Dynamics, has expressed concerns with Sony's PSVR relative silence.

This means that even the Natural Magic expansion pack for Waltz of the Wizard isn't coming to PSVR, which is going to be quite a blow to fans on the platform. The expansion was to be quite expansive too, offering fan new areas to explore and magic to try out.

This is quite strange given the PS5's "game boost" feature, which is said to improve performance of a bunch of PSVR titles. Even if there wasn't a new PSVR unit to run it on, Aldin Dynamics could have taken advantage of the PS5 better hardware with their expansion. We even tested out game boost, so here's everything you need to know.


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