Walmart Listing Potentially Leaks Quest 2 Details

Walmart Listing Potentially Leaks Quest 2 Details

It's hard to say anything concrete at this point, but a recent Walmart product listing may have released early information about a new Oculus headset.

As detailed by u/SeanBannister on Reddit, the Walmart website contained a listing for "Oculus Point Reyes." The product has since been removed from the site, but u/SeanBannister was able to take a screenshot before the error was fixed.

The listing itself hinted at two variants of the headset: a 64 GB model available for $299 and a premium option with 256 GB of storage priced at $399. If accurate, that represents a significant drop relative to the first Quest, which was originally launched for either $399 (64 GB) or $499 (128 GB).  There don't appear to be any other differences between the two models, although more information could be released in the near future.

As shown in the video below, the listing also indicated a September 16th release date, although it's hard to say whether that represents an official date from Oculus.

Screenshots show that Walmart used an image of the Oculus Go for the Point Reyes page, but this is likely a placeholder as we have not received any details about the new headset.

Similarly, the "Point Reyes" name itself may not carry over to the product's final release. As another redditor pointed out, previous Oculus headsets have received internal codenames related to geographical locations. Point Reyes is a well-known cape roughly 30 miles away from San Francisco.

This is exciting news for anyone interested in Oculus Quest, and we could see a new release sooner than many expected. Unfortunately, it's hard to say which aspects of the leak will be corroborated later on, including the September 16th release date. We will follow up on this story as soon as we get more information.