Simulated Walking in Virtual Reality with Massive ROBOT SHOES

A VR start-up from Pittsburgh believe they have solved the riddle of locomotion in virtual reality. Simulated walking can only be achieved with ROBOT SHOES.

Simulated Walking in Virtual Reality with Massive ROBOT SHOES

We've all been there. You're immersed in a virtual reality adventure: you've just received your next mission. You anxiously prepare to make your next steps...

But unless you jog on the spot, have a multi-directional treadmill or a massive VR space with sensor pads like the room used by Police in the United Kingdom, you're probably stuck with standing still and pushing a joystick.

That is, until Pittsburgh-based company Ekto VR revealed their very first product, the Ekto One. They first premiered the creation on their official YouTube channel in a livestream one week ago.

The Ekto One is basically a pair of massive robotic shoes which replicate the sensation of walking forward while keeping you in one spot. Once you lift and put one foot down, a set of wheels pull one that back while you walk forward with the other.

They may be large but are apparently not too heavy; Ekto One is designed with a carbon-fibre body. (Credit: Ekto VR)

Ekto claim the One has a lightweight, carbon-fiber design which uses HTC's Vive Tracker to signal your movement to whichever game you are playing.

The Ekto One in action. (Credit: Ekto VR)

If you'd like to see the Ekto One in action, the company ended their live presentation with a demo of the One in action. Here, you see a user demonstrating how the technology works in Half-Life: Alyx. Ekto have also featured a direction map, charting the course the user thinks they've taken while, in reality, they are staying on the spot.

But don't go searching for a pre-order link just yet. Ekto CEO Brad Factor revealed in the live stream that the current model is intended only for enterprise markets. However, he did say the company are looking to launch a consumer model in two to four years.

What do you think of the Ekto One? What games can you not wait to try out with it?

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