Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Horde Mode has been delayed for Oculus Quest

Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Horde Mode has been delayed for Oculus Quest

Skydance Interactive announced in their Discord server that the highly anticipated, free, horde wave-based mode, The Trial, has been delayed for the Oculus Quest version of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

The Trial is already available for the PS VR and PC versions of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners but it looks like the lower specs of the Oculus devices requires a bit more work to get it running smoothly.

The developers have not announced the new release date for the free update. What follows is the full post they made on their Discord server:

“Hello Tourists! We know you all are excited for The Trial’s launch on the Oculus Quest, but we wanted to share an update that the release date will be pushed back a bit. We are just as eager for you all to jump into this new mode and will have more information for you guys soon – stay tuned!”

The update was due to arrive on Wednesday January 20th. If you have already played the game on SteamVR or some other platform, you know how fun the wave-based combat of The Trial is. Players fight wave after wave of walkers in an attempt to increase your score multiplier and unlock newer and more deadly weapons.

Players will be placed in one of a few small arenas and they will have to take part in some of the game’s fantastic physics-based combat. We here at VRFinal have recommended the game in the past for a gamer that wants a bit more depth to their average zombie shooter. If you were waiting for the update to come out before you pick up the game, I would recommend grabbing it straight away. The base game has more than enough content to keep you going until the update releases.


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Andrew Boggs

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