Wacom Announces Pressure Sensitive VR Pen

Wacom Announces Pressure Sensitive VR Pen

Wacom, an industry leader in digital stylus' pens for visual artists, has announced a VR pen which hopes to replicate the force feedback of putting pen to paper.

Wacom, an industry leading producer of digital stylus, have just announced that they are trying their hand at VR creation with the VR Pen, a pressure sensitive stylus controller built from the ground-up for virtual reality.

Wacom CEO Nobu Ide explained that the newly announced VR Pen is "unlike any other pen which Wacom created before, and it will be our transition point into the next creative future."

This indicates that Wacom are looking to expand their business into VR, which could mean VR Pen is the first of many virtual reality peripherals that the company will release.

The VR Pen is essentially a pressure sensitive stylus controller. (Credit: Wacom)

The VR Pen is essentially a pressure sensitive stylus controller, which means the device can be used both in VR and with the company's range of "professional pen tablets for traditional 2D drawing."

However, the device also attempts to rectify some of the main problems other designers like Logitech have had in creating a digital stylus for VR. By using a pressure sensitive button near the pen's tip, Wacom aim to replicate a "similar experience to drawing with a pen on paper."

The VR Pen's other control buttons, including a trigger-style grip, a rotator knob and a selector tool. (Credit: Wacom)

It also features a number of initiative control mechanisms. There are still a couple of things we don't know about the Wacom VR Pen though, like how it will implement a standalone tracking solution. Although the VR Pen is still in development, we hope to get some more details soon.

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