VRChat will host SXSW Online XR next week

VRChat will host SXSW Online XR next week

SXSW Online 2021 begins next week and they are taking their XR section of the show into virtual reality. SXSW Online XR will have a variety of different events like immersive content and industry discussion.

The organisers of the event are using VRChat to host their programming in artist representations of Congress Avenue and the Red River Cultural District.

In a press release, Blake Kammerdiener, XR and Film Programmer wrote:

“SXSW really wanted to create a space in the virtual world that brought Austin to life in a spectacular way. So, we came together with Louis Cacciuttolo and his company VRrOOm, whose recent work includes Welcome to The Other Side with Jean-Michel Jarre, and artist Vincent Masson to create this fantastical virtual space that honours Austin, and a few of the venues that we are gutted to not be using this year.”

Virtual Cinema Special Events

· Dream – A live, online performance by The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), in collaboration with Manchester International Festival (MIF), Marshmallow Laser Feast (MLF) and Philharmonia Orchestra.

· Theon Cross – ‘We Go Again’ – Virtual avatar of Theon Cross performing ‘We Go Again.’

· Welcome To The Other Side –  Jean-Michel Jarre and French VR startup VRrOOm host a concert in a virtual Notre-Dame.

· Backstage Tours of Mount Olympus – Tour the stage of Finding Pandora X.

Virtual Cinema Competition

· Biolum (World Premiere)

· (Hi)story of a Painting (World Premiere)

· Of Hybrids and Strings (World Premiere)

· The Passengers: Her & Him (International Premiere)

· Poison (World Premiere)

· A Promise Kept (World Premiere)

· Reeducated (World Premiere)

· Samsara (World Premiere)

· Space Explorers: The ISS Experience Episode 2: Advance (World Premiere)

Virtual Cinema Spotlight

· 4 Feet High VR

· Finding Pandora X

· Meet Mortaza

· Namoo

· Odyssey 1.4.9

· Once Upon a Sea

· Paper Birds

· Potato Dreams

· Under the Skin

· WebbVR: The James Webb Space Telescope Virtual Experience

This isn’t a free event. The tickets for SXSW Online 2021 cost a whopping $325 USD. For that registration fee you get access to the entire festival, not just the VR content.


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