VR Tabletop RPG 'Demeo' Releases Today, DLC Already Announced

VR Tabletop RPG 'Demeo' Releases Today, DLC Already Announced

Turn-based VR RPG Demeo launched today, on the 6th of May 2021.

Finally, a VR Tabletop RPG!

I am sure I won't be alone when I say that I know how many hours can be lost gathered around a tabletop RPG with your friends. But given that close personal contact is literally illegal in various countries around the world, it's a joy that most people are not experiencing.

What's more, whether it is Dungeons & Dragons or something a little more obscure, it is a great shame that in the digital age younger generations are losing out on the opportunity to participate.

These are the issues Resolution Games are fighting to fix with their new tabletop VR role-playing game Demeo, which launched today for the Oculus Quest and other PC VR headsets.

The game is inspired by classic experiences like Dungeons & Dragons and features some similar mechanics. There is turn-based battling, dice throwing to determine attack strength, and vast multiplayer capabilities. Even better, the developers plan to soon introduce cross-play functionality, meaning you can get friends involved even if they do not have a PC VR headset.

Demeo's first VR RPG Expansion!

Best of all, the developer yesterday teased that a full-scale expansion pack is expected to release later this summer, titled "Realm of the Rat King". It will be the first of a set of free DLC expansions that will continue to keep the game up to date and fresh: featuring new environments, enemies, and cards.

Demeo launched today, on the 6th of May 2021. The game is available now for purchase on the Oculus Store and Steam VR, available for $29.99. We also expect the game to support cross-play with other non-VR traditional PC gaming platforms, with more information expected soon.


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