VR Meetings App 'Spatial' Available Now on Quest

VR Meetings App 'Spatial' Available Now on Quest
Spatial's official trailer, released more than two years ago. 

Spatial, the virtual workplace meetings app, has finally launched on Facebook’s Oculus Quest store. The company first made headlines earlier this year when they debuted their software which offered remote, cross-device connectivity; building a virtual work environment where workers can communicate with holograms and manipulate virtual objects.

Spatial allows users to communicate via holograms and manipulate virtual objects in real time. (Credit: Spatial)

The full release follows a test release by the company in May and is now much more easily accessible and widely available. In addition to bug fixes and improvements, the launch version also includes cloud integration with Google Docs, Figma and Slack. It has also an added live whiteboard tool, where meeting notes can be taken or images, videos and webpages displayed. Further additions include improved text readability, hand tracking, larger room capacity and multiple video conference feeds. With all these additions in mind, it seems Spatial could be the perfect addition to any distance-working environment.

Spatial is available now across multiple VR and AR-enabled devices and PC and mobile via the web. (Credit: Spatial)

Spatial is now available across multiple VR and AR-enabled devices including: Oculus Quest, Nreal, Magic Leap, Microsoft HoloLens, and PC and mobile via the web app. With the release, the programme is also available in a free or pro variant, the latter of which offers further functionality and unlimited cloud storage.


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