VR Influencers You Should Know About (Part 1)

VR Influencers You Should Know About (Part 1)

A bit of an editorial, I, like probably most of you, realized that VR is not only here to stay, but it seems to be growing. This article goes out to the people who have been thanklessly grinding for years. It's awesome to see them gain some traction, and hopefully you find some new content creators to follow when this is all done.

Eric for President (@EricPresidentVR)

Eric is a VR youtuber who focuses on news, but he's not just reporting it, he's weighing in on it. He's really knowledgeable on the space, and given he's been around for a long time, his thoughts on the stories he's covering are super credible and trustworthy.


Matteo is a Youtuber as well, but he takes a slightly different approach at times. He claims to be a one stop shop for all VR content, and he's honestly not lying when he says that. He has gameplay, reviews, news, compilations, and everything in between. Oh, and his upload schedule is super consistent! In his words, "My channel was started simply to share my love of VR. I make the type of videos that I used to search for." He's also happens to be a stand-up dude.

When we followed him on Twitter, he personally reached out to thank us - a class act. If you're interested in VR, he's a great place to get started, and realistically, you may never need to go any place else.


Another all-arounder, one might say that Steve...knows VR. He's got a Youtube channel where he posts reviews, news, comparisons, etc. where he mostly focuses on Oculus content. If you want informative videos, great production quality, and general professionalism, Steve is your guy. He also knows quite a bit about VR.

John Westra

Unlike the other's we've mentioned, John is an influencer in the traditional sense of the word. John has ideas about what VR is and means, and he's spreading that message as a sort of VR guru. If you're interested in inventive ways VR can be used in the future, or are just curious what someone who's got skin in the game has to say, check out John on Twitter.


"VR has consumed me. It feels like pure magic and fills me with wonder. So I'm devoting as much time as I can to playing, reviewing, and curating the best VR experiences." - BenPlaysVR

Ben not only plays VR, he lives and breathes it. He, similar to some of the others mentioned, is a VR fanatic, and his content reflects it. Looking for gameplay? Reviews? Mods and experiences? PC VR? Quest? He's got it. He doesn't typically cover the news as some of the others do, but then again, his name isn't Ben Covers VR.

All of the above influencers are people that have been putting effort into not only growing their presence in the space, but the space itself. Without these pioneers, we may not have VR as it is today, and I can guarantee that if you aren't into VR yet, spending some time with these guys' content will change that. Part 2 coming soon!