VR Influencer Showcase: ThrillSeeker

VR Influencer Showcase: ThrillSeeker

Lots of pink and purple, clickbait-y (but legit) titles, and super high production values? If you have spent any amount of time on Youtube poking around the VR space, chances are you've seen ThrillSeekers content.

I wish I could say ThrillSeeker has been at this forever, grinded through years of thankless editing and posting, but NO, I can't. ThrillSeeker started his Channel in 2019! April 2019, meaning his rise has been nothing short of meteoric.

This is Thrill's first video. It's already higher quality than anything I've ever made, and this was number 1 for him. He was absolutely right about the title by the way, but I digress. Thrill has these opinions that are not only confident, but correct. I hesitate to call opinions facts because no one "doesn't miss", right? I'm going to keep telling myself that while ThrillSeeker continues to perfectly prophecize the future of VR.

His videos are more or less all like this. He hits you with a title that you HAVE to click on, a thumbnail that makes you feel like you're in space vomit, and an image of some headset - a winning formula. Then you click in and you're always glad you did. Awesome narration, relevant visuals, great weird transition clips, and gripping storytelling. I've never not made it through one of his videos.

I don't really have too much more to say, other than check out ThrillSeeker. He has that sort of presence in the space that commands respect and authority. You will absolutely forget you are watching a YouTube video 10/10 times as the production quality is just unparalleled. Give him a follow on Twitter and cut out 6 hrs of your day to watch every one of his videos.