VR Influencer Showcase: Nathie

VR Influencer Showcase: Nathie

A guy that needs no introduction (we're introducing him anyway), Nathie is big time, HUGE time even, and I'm honestly ecstatic to write about him.

So who is Nathie? Well to start, he's the king of VR on youtube. There are other very legitimate accounts, some with more subscribers doing great work in VR Chat and other social mediums a la Seananners circa 2013, but Nathie is doing VR. All of VR. If you can believe it, Nathie started his Youtube channel 9 years ago, and while he had a long phase of posting videos about an obscure Korean F2P shooter called War Rock, he eventually would find his footing in the VR space.

Nathie, maybe on a whim, or maybe on a prophecy, posted a video about Medal of Honor in VR over 6 years ago. I need to start by saying I played VR for the first time in 2016, and even then it was a slog. I know Captain Sparklez was doing some stuff around this time with Minecraft in VR, but on the whole VR was tough to spend any amount of time in at all.

Don't be distracted by the computer monitor on Nathie's face – that's actually an Oculus Rift. This video did well enough to evidently give Nathie the idea to make more VR videos. There came a tipping point where Nathie would post as many VR videos as War Rock videos, and then eventually the balance tipped, and well, the rest is history.

Nathie doing the hero's task of actually playing multiple VR games in 2016.

I don't know how many VR videos Nathie has, but I'd estimate it's in the 1-2,000,000 range. He uploads 1-2x a week, and that multiplied by infinity years making content is a big number. If you somehow are living in a reality where Nathie doesn't ring any bells, I suggest you get into virtual reality and give this guy a follow.

Nathie's Twitter and Youtube.