VR Influencer Showcase: GrumpyDuckVR

VR Influencer Showcase: GrumpyDuckVR

A long time ago, way back in JULY of this year, I was running a game hosting website. I posted in a public VR Facebook group to advertise. Not too long after, I got a discord notification. "GrumpyDuckVR has joined your Discord". Grumpyduck, at the time, was idk, like a duckling or something. Definitely had what it takes, but was still finding his footing.

The video he shared with us all those months ago.

Fast forward to today – he's collab'ing with the big names, more than 10x'd his subscriber count, and well killing it! I wish I could say Grumpyduck took time to refine his craft, but he actually had more or less the same formula as today a year ago when he started. VR is still small enough where cream can rise to the top fairly quickly, and he definitely fits that bill (that's a duck pun).

Grumpyduck brings the sort of raunchiness to the table that is so refreshing in today's world, and I'm glad he's got that confidence. In his words, "I am a workaholic, so I started Youtube to remind myself to have fun; now Youtube's like a second job, but I love everything about it! And as someone who grew up with Southpark / Family Guy, I love watching shows that just don't give a F**k when it comes to what they say, so I try to embed that into my channel, and just make sure people laugh either with me or at me."

GrumpyDuck streaming with some big timers!

After reading this, I hope you: first check out Grumpyduck on Twitter and Youtube, and second don't block this website for the bad duck puns.