VR Influencer Showcase: Steve Knows (VR)

VR Influencer Showcase: Steve Knows (VR)

"VR is for the Curious; it appeals to us as explorers, allowing us to experience worlds that would not otherwise have been possible to explore, giving us opportunities to embody another and look through someone else's eyes, whether that be in a game or in another medium. VR to me truly embodies nothing is impossible."

Steve Knows A LOT

Philosopher? No. Theologist? No. Steve Knows? Absolutely. Steve is not lying either, he knows (VR), like a lot. When I first stumbled on Steve's channel, I thought, okay, we'll give this guy a chance to showcase what he "knows". After watching way too many of his videos without leaving my computer, I was a fan.

His content is multi-faceted, spanning gameplay, news, reviews, etc., but he does focus primarily on Oculus, which nowadays means Quest and Quest 2. If you're a PCVR fanatic, there may not be an immediate fit, but the knowledge Steve brings may just make win your favor; I definitely would encourage anyone with an affinity for VR to give him a watch.

Who is Steve Knows VR?

Steve started his channel just 2 years ago and, save a few skits and music performances, was pretty much immediately making VR content.  It didn't take long for him to find his niche. He was an early adopter of the Quest, and he immediately got to work cranking out content.

He stuck to the talking in front of the mic format for a while, occasionally sprinkling in gaming and reviews, but over time, he refined a bit until he became what he is today, a sort of Philip De Franco of VR. Now you can find Steve doing what he does best, knowing things. If you are interested in the Oculus Quest, whether it be hardware news, game news, or the juicy drama that seems to surround Oculus x Facebook at all times, he's your man.

Check him out on Twitter and Youtube!