VR Controller Support for Microsoft Flight Simulator is “being worked on”

VR Controller Support for Microsoft Flight Simulator is “being worked on”

According to a recent interview with the head of Microsoft Flight Simulator, Jorg Neumann,they are working on VR controller support for the popular flight sim.

The developers of the title, Asobo Digital, along with Microsoft Studios updated the game for VR on December 22nd. Currently if you want to play the game in VR you are stuck with using a flight stick, a controller or even worse, a mouse and keyboard.

I really hope they bring this update out sooner rather than later. Mouse and keyboard in VR is a real hassle even if you are some sort of master touch typist. It would be a major step up for the game and definitely an incentive for any VR owners who were on the fence about whether or not to bite the bullet and pick up the game.

Neumann spoke about what they are working on currently and how they are approaching their updates:

"Obviously, we're working on Xbox full speed right now. You end up turning over every stone really, we've looked at every model, exactly what the buffers are with the buffer sizes.... Sometimes you can be a little bit more, well you could say lazy, or you could say maybe not quite as disciplined. With VR you need to be really disciplined. We've found many gigabytes, and it's already quite a bit better."

If you are interested in trying out Microsoft Flight Simulator in VR you should make sure that you have a pretty beefy PC. The requirements for the game are very high even if you are running it on a monitor. So, if you want a stable framerate that won’t make you want to vomit, make sure you invest some cash in upgrading your set up.

If you have the right PC and want to get down to it, I would recommend getting the Xbox Game Pass for PC. You get access to Microsoft Flight Simulator as well as a whole host of other great games.


Andrew Boggs

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Andrew Boggs

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