New HTC Vive Could Be For Enterprise, Hints FB Ad

New HTC Vive Could Be For Enterprise, Hints FB Ad

A Facebook ad suggests HTC's new headset could be for enterprise.

In what could be seen as a blow by its hyped-up fanbase, a Twitter ad seen by VR Youtuber Virtual Reality Oasis suggests that HTC's big VIVECON 2021 reveal could be an enterprise-focused VR headset. Thanks to some excellent reporting from our friends over at UploadVR, we also know this matches an identical ad on Facebook.

The ad reads: "Ready to work in virtual reality? Discover what this transformative technology can do for your business. #VIVECON2021"

The screenshot, which appears to hint at an enterprise-focus pitch coming on day 1 of VIVECON, doesn't seem to be out of line with the panels we already know are slated to take place on day 2. Titles like 'Remote work: The new normal', 'Training the next workforce', 'Bringing VR to new audiences and locations', and 'Empowering the healthcare industry through VR' make a lot more sense with a new enterprise-focused device to go alongside them.

The image attached appears to be the same headset seen in leaked promotion materials earlier this week. In what we had assumed was going to be the long-anticipated HTC Vive All-In-One, three short videos appeared to reveal the headset from different angles.

A Tweet & Facebook ad seen by VR Oasis suggests that the new VR Headset HTC will announce at their VIVECON event next week could be enterprise-focused.

That being said, we must not forget that we could be expecting more than one announcement on day 1 of the convention. We have already had a fairly comprehensive confirmation from HTC's President of Vive in China Alvin Wang Graylin that the firm was hard at work on a "next-gen standalone", which would be "better than what's out there from any vendor today." Without getting our hopes up too much, could we have an All-In-One and Enterprise headset announcement next week?

We will be covering any breaking news that comes out of VIVECON 2021 - be it a disappointment to at home Vive fans or not. Keep up to date with our reporting by following us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or join the Discord.


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