Virtuix announces a new VR treadmill for home use

Virtuix announces a new VR treadmill for home use

Virtuix has announced a new VR treadmill called the Omni One for at home consumer use. This is not the first VR treadmill produced by Virtuix, who have been a stalwart of the VR scene since 2013, they have produced similar, more expensive products for commercial use.

The Omni One takes its inspiration from the companies previous commercial focused VR treadmill the Omni Pro. The product will be sold as a complete entertainment unit, everything you need to start playing will be included inside the box.

In a statement, Jan Goetgeluk, CEO and founder of Virtuix, said,

“Omni One is like nothing else out there – it’s a breakthrough in omni-directional treadmill technology.

Compared to Omni Pro, Omni One no longer has a support ring. So, it gives users unrestricted freedom of movement, including crouching, squatting, backing up, and even jumping. You essentially become one with the machine.”

The company wants to become the “Peloton for gamers”. They have announced that the base price of each unit will be $1,995 of a payment plan of $55 a month. In order to use online features customers will also have to pay for a monthly subscription similar to PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live. They have also announced a developer kit that will be sold for the lower price of $995, this will not include access to their online game store or a VR headset.

If you are looking for a chance to purchase the product early and at a discount, Virtuix is accepting reservations for investments in their company through a Regulation A Funding Campaign. The lowest investment tier is $1000 which provides a 20% discount on the Omni One system and access to an early beta. If you invest in the first week the discount is doubled.

Virtuix plans to release the Omni One in Q2 of 2021 but they have dropped plans for a consumer VR treadmill before so do not assume that investing in the company now will guarantee a pre-order. More details about the Omni One will arrive in the coming months.


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Andrew Boggs

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