Virtual Reality for good: UK uses VR for their largest environmental project

Virtual Reality for good: UK uses VR for their largest environmental project

The UK is currently in the process of updating their trainlines to meet the demands of the 21st century. They are developing an eco-friendly high-speed rail line called the HS2. This will reduce emissions and help the country meet their aim for low carbon emissions from public transportation.

It is a massive project that will feature 25 stations across London, Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds. This project will also generate around 500,000 new jobs. Considering the size of the project and the technology needed to fulfil it, it isn’t surprising that VR is getting involved.

Serious Labs and Align JV have partnered to provide training through a new VR simulator that allows workers who are currently operating from their homes the chance to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to operate mobile elevator work platforms in a safe environment.

Darren Verschuren, International Account Director at Serious Labs talked about the aims for the simulator: “From initial conversations with the team at Align JV, it was clear they were looking at using innovation and the latest technology to enhance the safety of all aspects of the working environment. Not only is simulator training engaging, cost-effective and safe, it provides trainees with better capabilities, while decreasing the potential for accidents and fatalities — something which is better for everyone.”

Jim Colvin, CEO of Serious Labs also elaborated on the safety concerns of the project: “We are excited to be creating a safer jobsite through our partnership with Align JV. The pandemic has taught people many things, one of which is that you don’t have to go back to the old way of doing things when there are new digital training tools, like simulators, available to provide a more effective and safe pathway to proficiency.”

Serious Labs has delivered VR solutions for multiple industry leaders around the globe, including United Rentals, Bechtel, DOW, Syncrude, the U.S. Department of Energy, Shell, Singapore International Airlines, British Airways, Rapid Access, Loxam, Riwal, and Nationwide Platforms. They are industry leaders in VR enterprise software and should hopefully aid in the construction of the rail line.


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Andrew Boggs

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