Virtual Reality Epic Tarzan VR™ Price Slashed in Steam Winter Sale

Virtual Reality Epic Tarzan VR™ Price Slashed in Steam Winter Sale

It's a rough holiday season, but it just got a little bit brighter: Stonepunk & FunTrain have hit Tarzan VR™ Issue #1 & #2 with a huge discount.

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that we're more anxious for this holiday season than we've been for quite some time. Partly because Xmas is a lot of fun, of course, but also because we just can't wait for this awful year to be over.

One light in the darkness this year was Tarzan VR™, the virtual reality epic from Stonepunk Studios and FunTrain. I've said it once but I'll say it again, I was really taken with the game - as should be quite apparent from my review.

The fighting feels fluid, the swinging feels epic, and the earnest passion for the source material seeps through every aspect of the game. The game literally plays like you're jumping into the pages of a comic book.  That's not even to mention the free play mode, which since I wrote my review I've sunk even more time into...

There are many groups and individuals I'd classify as the heroes of 2020, but Stonepunk Studios and FunTrain are getting an honourable mention. Because they've just slashed the price of Tarzan VR™ Issue #1 and #2 bundle by some 36% - right in time for Christmas.

That's right: you can now get your hands on Tarzan Issue #1 - The Great Ape and Issue #2 - The Jagged Edge for just $16 (a discount of $10) If you're just wanting to get your hands on Issue #1, which features the awesome Bonus Island, they've got you there too: Issue #1 has had a price cut of 33%, available for just $10!

So, there you have it. Absolutely no excuses for going to grab this one now.

Oh, and unlike a certain Flight Simulator game which just received VR support, Tarzan VR™ runs beautifully.


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