Virtual Reality Bicycle in the ‘New Normal’ Times

Virtual Reality Bicycle in the ‘New Normal’ Times

Blync is a groundbreaking device that encourages you to utilize your bicycle to participate in virtual reality riding around artificial environments. Using the controller in which the bike's front wheel is mounted, the virtual reality system
will feel the direction you're going, as well as your speed, offering a more realistic cycling experience.

How Does it Work?

The configuration itself is cunningly easy. Players can start by installing their back tires to the regular biker trainer and adding the speed sensor to the hub. The front tire sits on a direction sensor that monitors the location of the bicycle's handlebars in real-time, allowing you to maneuver and make turns while in-game. There's also a companion app that can be utilized to monitor your history of cycling, including calories, power, and speed.

What are the Major Changes?

While biking can be an invigorating VR workout activity, there are also safety risks involved. Blync lets you get the adrenaline rush of riding on dangerous terrain from the comforts of home.  Blync also lets you perform daily exercises to enhance your physical well-being. You can drive your bike at any time of the day or even season of the year. This VR bicycle consists of a path sensor and a speed sensor, which are two essential components of this high-level technology. While other virtual bikes primarily control where you're going on a virtual environment while you're cycling, the Blync path sensor lets you turn and maneuver where you want to go.

How Will Blync Change the Industry?

According to Kinbona Limited, the creators of Blync, "VR has opened up various ways for us to experience reality. Imagine biking through different virtual environments from the comfort of your living room. With a quick setup, Blync lets you venture across various terrains as if you were outdoors!”

It's been interesting watching VR developers try to tackle the whole idea of health and fitness in virtual reality, and we're excited to see how it all develops. It reminds me of this 5 minute VR workout that Gamechef hosts, and I'm curious what other entries we'll have into the space.