Virtual Desktop can now stream PC VR games on the Quest without sideloading

Virtual Desktop can now stream PC VR games on the Quest without sideloading

Virtual Desktop, the Oculus Quest app that allows users to control their Windows PCs from the comfort of their standalone headset, can now stream PC VR games wirelessly.

This feature was always available but until now Facebook had not allowed the feature to be included. If you wanted the ability to stream, you would have to sideload a patch for the app through the SideQuest unofficial Appstore.

Now, the developer of the app, Guy Godin, has received approval from Facebook to launch the service as an official update. This comes 20 months after the feature was removed from the app at Facebooks request. Godin used the new App Lab non-store distribution method as a way to submit the feature for approval again.

This could be a sign that Facebook is loosening their restrictions on the current walled garden ecosystem of the Quest and Quest 2 headsets. More than likely, they have realised that Virtual Desktop is one of the best-selling apps on the service and want to attract more users. Either way, it is a good thing for anyone who wants to stream PC VR games.

In a comment made to UploadVR, Godin said: “The ability to stream PCVR games wirelessly has been a beloved feature of Virtual Desktop since its launch on Quest in 2019. It only makes sense to allow it in the official store when more than 90% of users had to go through complicated steps to unlock the feature. The Quest is marketed as a wireless headset. Users want the wireless freedom whether they play native Quest games or stream their favorite PCVR games.”

Here are the full release notes for the version 1.20 update:

· Removed need for patch to stream PCVR games

· Added multi-account support in the Streamer app

· Screenshots taken on your Quest are now automatically transferred to your desktop

· Added Voice Over for notifications

· Added Wi-Fi speed information, runtime used by game and GPU name to the Performance Overlay

· Sliced encoding and Microphone passthrough are now enabled by default


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Andrew Boggs

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