Vertigo Games is publishing a new unannounced VR game from Innerspace

Vertigo Games is publishing a new unannounced VR game from Innerspace

InnerspaceVR, the developers of A Fishermans Tale and Maskmaker, have announced that their next project will be published by After the Fall developer, Vertigo Games.

The two companies have worked together before. InnerspaceVR’s most recent game Maskmaker was released in partnership with MWM Interactive but their previous two titles, A Fisherman’s Tale as well as The Corsair’s Curse, a cooperative puzzle adventure for location-based entertainment were both published by Vertigo.

Richard Stitselaar, Managing Director at Vertigo Games spoke about their partnership in a recent release:

“After a successful partnership on A Fisherman’s Tale, we’re delighted to add Innerspace’s next VR title to our publishing line-up. It’s a magnificent game that we are confident will once again hook VR players in the signature mind-boggling way only InnerspaceVR games can.”

Balthazar Auxietre, Creative Director and Co-founder of InnerspaceVR also added:

“We’re really happy to strengthen our partnership with Vertigo Games once more and we can’t wait to work together on engaging lots of players from all around the globe with great VR. As working with them on our first game was a tremendous step forward for us as a studio, we’re confident that this new project will be another important milestone for us. We believe that this one reaffirms our passion for the VR medium and its ability to amaze us.”

No details have been released about the project yet. Maskmaker has only been out for a few weeks, so I wouldn’t bet on having any concrete information on the game for at least a few months. However, if InnerspaceVR’s history is anything to go by, we should expect a polished, well-made puzzle game with plenty of imagination and interactibility.


Andrew Boggs

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Andrew Boggs

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