Valve Index Still Backlogged, But Shipping Within Two Weeks In Most Countries

Valve Index Still Backlogged, But Shipping Within Two Weeks In Most Countries

The phenomenal Valve Index is still facing an orders backlog, but we've now got news that the headset is a lot easier to get your hands on.


It's pretty old news at this point, COVID-19 has devastated literally everything and now everything is less efficient, etc., etc., etc... You all know the drill by now.

Like most other new releases, this has also been the recent fate of the highly anticipated Valve Index. For most of this year, it's been lost in the capitalist's limbo - massively high demand (because, you know, 'rona) but limited supply (because, you know, 'rona.)

For the vast majority of 2020, getting your hands on an Index honestly seemed like a total nightmare. Now, thanks to exceptional work by, we now know specifically how long you'll have to wait after ordering to get your new headset in every country around the globe - and it's substantially shorter than you might think.

In most countries, the Full Kit and Headset & Controllers will arrive in just under two weeks. However, in the US & Canada that weight time is substantially longer - you'd be looking at a little under 8 weeks before you'd receive your Index.

8 weeks may seem like a really long time. I suppose in 'rona times it probably is, particularly when compared with the other countries. But it's also a significant improvement on earlier this year. Better yet, it really seems like it's going to continue getting shorter.

For the full table, so you can go check how long you'll have to wait in your own country, be sure to go check out the report at Road to VR. You'd want to make sure you get your hands on one ASAP, considering you'll probably want it when the absolutely terrifying (yet oddly beautiful) A Wake Inn finally drops next year.


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