Update 9 for Blade & Sorcery improves the game across the board

Update 9 for Blade & Sorcery improves the game across the board

Developers WarpFrog have introduced the ninth major update to their early access VR battle simulator and boy does it look good.

According to their Steam page: “If you are wondering what U9 is, it is essentially the 8.4 beta as a now completed and stable version. We decided to rename it as U9 and ripple the other updates because what was intended to be a small incremental patch ended up being huge amount of additions, and the difference between 8.4 and 8.3 was so massively significant that it really seemed like its own update.”

The next major content update, The Dungeons Expansion, is not included in this round but is coming up verys soon. According to he developer it should be the 11th update that they have planned.

Here is the full list of the new updates for the game:

· Performance enhancements: The lag spike on spawn issue that plagued U8 has been eliminated thanks to remaking the character system, so the game should be running dramatically better than it was in U8, with performance more in line or better than U7.

· New wound and gore decals: Character decals has been completely reworked, they are now optimized, consume way less memory and look better!

· Armour denting decals: Decals are not limited to skin and wounds and you will now see dents when you hit plate armour.

· Burn decals: Decals now support emissive and overtime effect, perfect for fire and burning.

· Death animations (similar to U7 but new and enhanced): Now with a mix of ragdolls and animations.

· Blood spurt effect on neck: Slashing or piercing the neck deep enough has always been fatal in B&S; now you can enjoy some visual effects when you manage to do it.

· New customization parts for player and AI:There are new beard and hairstyles for both the player and AI. The AI now have the chance to spawn with a wide selection of hair and eye colours for variety.

· Jumping to view direction while climbing:They added the possibility to jump to the direction you are viewing while climbing, allowing you to reach more places as well as improving agility while climbing.

· Piercing has a visible exit wound: A long requested feature has finally been added; you can now see the exit wound if your blade goes through the whole body.

· Self-collision (dev option for fun only):It makes your full body a collidable object for your own weapons so you can hurt and stab yourself.

· Player has visible wounds and potions will heal them: Being hit will also display wounds on your own body. Thanks to the new decals system, drinking potions will heal the wounds so you can look new again.

· New and improved audio effects: Much cooler sounds have been implemented, especially for metal and shields, to make the combat feel meatier and more impactful.

· Reworked ragdolls and better penetration:Enemies should fall down in a more realistic fashion.

· New waves: Waves have been broken out into enemy categories such as Bandit, Knight, Gladiator, as well as new waves added for each class that are 1v1s and melee only.

· New gamemode: Survival (arena, ruins and market only): Introducing a new gamemode for those who want more challenge and structure. Choose from the randomly generated weapons that spawn with the pedestal and then survive the waves.


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Andrew Boggs

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