Unlisted app distribution for Quest 2 coming soon

Unlisted app distribution for Quest 2 coming soon

Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth, Vice President of Augmented and Virtual Reality at Facebook hinted in a recent Instagram AMA that unlisted app distribution for the Oculus Quest 2 is coming soon.

The question asked was, “What’s the ETA on the new Quest distribution method?”

In response, Bosworth said, “At the risk of infuriating people, I’ll say… sooner than you think. No, it’s really soon. Really, really quite soon. It was almost this week, but we had a little bit of a bug, so we gotta fix that and then it’s out.”

Bosworth frequently hosts AMAs on his Instagram page about changes and updates on the Oculus Quest 2 and the state of Facebook VR in general. The biggest news to come out of his most recent AMA is an update on the new method of unlisted app distribution for Oculus Quest.

This feature was initially announced in September of last year at Facebook Connect. It will allow developers to create unlisted apps on Facebook’s Quest platform. The apps can be shared via URL or download keys. That URL will open in the Oculus mobile app, which will offer to install it on Quest the same as a currently listed store app. These apps will not appear when browsing the Oculus store but will show in your game and app libraries.

According to Bosworth, it was meant to be released this week, but an unforeseen bug forced them to push back their release window for the update.

This is a much-requested feature for the Quest 2. It is similar to the current SideQuest Appstore, but it falls under the control of Facebook. SideQuest could potentially become a simple storefront for purchasing these unlisted apps but it would mean a fundamental shift in their worldview.


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Andrew Boggs

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