Ubisoft Job Listing Reveals 'Splinter Cell VR' Will Have A Multiplayer Mode

Ubisoft Job Listing Reveals 'Splinter Cell VR' Will Have A Multiplayer Mode

Isn't it funny the ways we find out about features in upcoming titles? A Ubisoft Düsseldorf job posting has confirmed that the studio is set to begin working on a multiplayer mode for the upcoming Splinter Cell VR.

A clip from last year's Facebook Connect, thanks to YouTube user TGP482.

All the way back in September we reported that brand new Assassins Creed and Splinter Cell titles would be heading over exclusively to Oculus VR. In the meantime, I'd resigned myself to a year or so of waiting before we got any other news.

But thanks to a little Ubisoft posting which is recruiting a "Senior Lead Game Designer" for the game, we can now confirm the title will feature it's very own virtual reality multiplayer mode.

The position, based in Düsseldorf, Germany, is specifically for a "Project Owner & Senior Multiplayer Lead Game Designer" (f/m/d). The position will see the lucky candidate heading up multiplayer development with the Düsseldorf team, one of many Ubisoft subsidiaries dotted around the world.

But what it also tells us is that the game is still in pretty early development. We know that the game is already being developed by teams around the world, but the fact they're recruiting for someone to "help the team carry ideas from conception" implies that even the basic "multiplayer systems and game modes" are still early in development.

So, while it's awesome we know it'll have a multiplayer mode, it's also a bit of a set-back for anyone supposing it'll be out anytime soon.

Are there any other reveals from the job listing? Not really, I'm afraid. We know that the game will harness "cutting-edge VR technology" and will be developed all over the globe by several studios. We learned at Facebook Connect last year that both Assassins Creed VR & Splinter Cell VR would be produced by Ubisoft's Red Storm Entertainment in collaboration with Ubisoft Reflections, Ubisoft Düsseldorf and Ubisoft Mumbai.

So, if Düsseldorf are working on the Splinter Cell VR multiplayer, what are Ubisoft Reflections and Mumbai up to?

If you're wondering about giving the role a shot - and you are a seasoned AAA multiplayer developer with 8+ years of development experience and two titles under your belt (among other things, it's a pretty expansive qualifications list) - head over to the Ubisoft career portal.


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