Ubisoft Announces AGOS: A Game of Space for VR

Ubisoft Announces AGOS: A Game of Space for VR

VR is all about games, and Ubisoft recently announced an exciting new title for VR platforms. AGOS: A Game of Space is an ambitious new game that will be available on VR headsets in a little over six weeks on October 28th.

Rather than receiving a simultaneous release on VR and conventional devices, AGOS: A Game of Space is expected to be limited to VR headsets. The game was originally announced through a reveal trailer from Ubisoft which was uploaded to YouTube on September 10th. You can view the trailer below:

It doesn't include a specific list of headsets, but the last shot includes the logos for both Steam and Oculus. The game's page on the Oculus website states that it supports Rift and Rift S, while the corresponding page on Steam lists HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Valve Index as supported devices.

The trailer doesn't provide many details about gameplay mechanics, but it does clarify that the game takes place in 2057 when humanity is forced to leave Earth. Players will have the opportunity to "lead humankind to a new home," but it's currently tough to say much more about the actual experience.

As with any emerging technology or console in video games, VR is experiencing a kind of positive feedback cycle where new games lead to more audience interest, which in turn gives developers and publishers more of an incentive to develop for VR platforms.

This process will continue over the next few years and beyond, and Ubisoft has already emerged as a leader in the VR space, especially among AAA organizations. It's too early to predict how this release will do in terms of reviews or sales, but it's clear that AGOS: A Game of Space will be one of the most hotly anticipated VR releases of 2020.