Top 5 Games Announced at Facebook Connect

Top 5 Games Announced at Facebook Connect

Facebook's annual technology flaunting event (just calling it what it is), Facebook Connect, just went down, and for the first time, gamers had a reason to pay attention. Feels weird to say, but like Microsoft once was in console, Facebook is now the LEADING GAMING CONSOLE BRAND IN A GAMING VERTICAL. I don't need to say that again, but I will. Facebook is the biggest gaming company in a burgeoning gaming vertical right now.

Facebook Connect, now being a gaming event, means we got a whole host of exciting news on the industry during the event, and so I'll talk about the news everyone actually cares about – games.

Beat Saber - But with your Friends

You ever want to hit neon blocks flying at you in virtual reality, but with other people to compete against? Well this is your chance. Now you can play with up to 4 of your friends in a head to head dance-off style match-up. Beat Saber 5-player Multiplayer is coming to you in October.

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge

Probably what I'm most excited about, Star Wars is coming to VR. Yes, we had Vader Immortal, which was cool, but I almost felt like that was just a really polished demo. This is a VR RPG, a VRPG if you will. Unfortunately you're not a Jedi in this, but that's okay, because the lore will undoubtably be awesome, and hanging out with C3PO is never a bad thing! This will be here for the holidays, so start saving.


Another installment in the Warhammer lineup, this time a first person shooter. Play as the femme fatal to anyone (or thing) that crosses your path. Again, Holiday 2020, which in Corona Virus time is about 2 weeks.


If Fortnite was basically just itself in VR, except made by a different studio, you'd have Population: One. Population: One is a VR Battle Royale game, that features mechanics like climbing, flying, and climb/fly fighting, all in VR. It's looking like Oculus is not only looking to showcase the power of their headsets, but also the versatility of the new Quest 2. I imagine the much lighter and more performant Quest 2 will shine in this experience.


Why play a frustratingly complex game on a normal screen, when you can do it all in Virtual Reality? MYST...shudders...MYST is hard. It's not hard because of some crazy skill requirement, or even some crazy puzzle-solving one, it's hard because it requires imagination. You can try to reason your way through MYST, which may get you somewhere, but to beat MYST, you need to think outside the box. While I can't fully say I'm excited for this (mainly for my ego's sake), I can say this will undoubtably be a life changing experience. No date has been set yet, but this should be frustrating players around the world sometime in 2020.