Top Free Basketball Games on Oculus Quest 2

Top Free Basketball Games on Oculus Quest 2

There are a lot of things in life that sort of "naturally" belong in virtual reality. Shooters, horror, amusement parts, and of course, sports. Sports is a broad category, with tons of different sports games out there for a lot of different sports. In this article, we'll be focusing on our favorite basketball VR games.

Pickup Basketball VR

Pickup Basketball VR is our first entrant into the list. It's a very arcade-y feeling app, with more focus placed on fun than on say, polish. That is not to say it isn't polished, but just that the movement is clearly focused on making big plays and less on the minutia. We also like the character editor for anyone wanting to get fancy.

Gym Class

Gym class is the yin to Pickup Basketball's yang. This is super polished and very clean. It's less outrageous in some ways, but again, more akin to actual basketball that you'd play at the gym or on an outdoor court. They are also very actively developing, which is refreshing to see in the often stagnant world of small VR games. This is where polish really does come to the fore, as it's just a clean feeling, crisp basketball experience.

Rec Room

Of course Rec Room is on this list. Rec Room is the first to launch into almost every sport in the VR space. They have one of the coolest platform for socializing, and if you want to see what most sports feel like in VR, I would try Rec Room. My only gripe with Rec Room is it's not focused on any one thing. They have a pretty good version of everything, but it's never the best, and the emphasis is almost always on socializing, rather than playing. They are a big fish in the small pond that is VR.

Fairgrounds VR

Fairgrounds is not a sports or basketball game at all, but they do have the classic arcade basketball, and it feels surprisingly good for being in a game still in early development. The Fairgrounds team seems to be taking the carnival approach their game, with it being more about bite-sized fun, rather than end-to-end experiences. If you're looking to kill 10 minutes a day playing a basketball game like you would at the arcade, without spending all of your precious quarters, this is a good choice.

Fairgrounds on Oculus Quest
Play games on the pier, explore the environment, and build your Fairgrounds identity.