Top 5 Free Games on Oculus Quest 2 AppLab for 2021

Top 5 Free Games on Oculus Quest 2 AppLab for 2021

Gorilla Tag

Chances are, if you've had any exposure to VR at all, you've seen this unique game. Move like a gorilla by running with your arms, climb insane obstacles, and catch or evade other gorillas in this awesome game.


Chuck E. Cheese meets VR in this brand new game. Play games on the pier, explore the mountain landscape, or hang out in the various themed lounges. Fairgrounds is a fresh take on social apps.

Pavlov Shack

A staple in any first person shooter's arsenal, Pavlov is polished, fun, and of course free. If you're looking for a great intro shooter that won't break the bank, or an experience you can sink hours into, this is your game.

Gym Class

This game is awesome. I can't emphasize it enough. What started as a game to shoot around and hang out, is now a full fledged social app. Basketball and VR are a natural fit, but in this case, they've done so much more with such a simple concept.


Music games are awesome, and paradiddle is no exception. If you were anything like me, a drum set was never an option growing up, but now you can fulfill your dream of annoying the neighbors in VR!