Thief Simulator VR exits early access November 5th

Thief Simulator VR exits early access November 5th

After an entire year in Steam Early Access, Thief Simulator VR is officially launching on November 5th. The game is developed by GameBoom VR and published by PlayGames.

The game

The gameplay is similar to the non-VR original game. You are a thief (obviously) who is free to roam around an open suburban area full of homes. You can lockpick doors, escape detection from the homeowners, use hacking tools, or just straight up break some windows in an attempt to steal as much stuff as you possibly can. It’s not all smash and grab, despite the simple premise of the game there ends up being quite a bit of skill involved.

What you can expect

The game was originally released all the way back in November 2019 (seems like a lifetime ago) on Steam Early Access. Over the course of the year, the team has pushed tons of updates:

· 149 changes to gameplay

· An updated tutorial

· New look for the inventory

· Story quests

· New neighbourhood

· Changeable weather

· The ability to buy and decorate a house

· New location – Junkyard

· New vehicle - Van

· The ability to play the game seated

According to the press release, they have added even more for the 1.0 launch:


“New tutorial introduces even inexperienced VR players to the world of Thief Simulator VR. We offer players a wide range of game configuration options so that everyone feels comfortable during the game.

New story missions

Thief Simulator VR players get a complete story. Thief Simulator VR also allows you to have fun in the sandbox. Nothing stands in your way!

New locations

In the final version of Thief Simulator VR, players can move around three large neighborhoods just waiting for the cunning thief. We also provide players with two hideouts, a pawnshop and a junkyard. The tutorial also allows you to have fun on the racetrack.

Atmospheric conditions

Only in the VR version of Thief Simulator there are changing weather conditions. The experience of robbing a warehouse in the middle of a foggy night, when you hear a storm outside your window, makes you forget that it's just a virtual reality.”

If you want any more info, or a cool preview of the game, GameBoom VR is livestreaming the game reveal on YouTube. When the time comes you can watch below.


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Andrew Boggs

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