The New Kid on the Block - Build Log 1

The New Kid on the Block - Build Log 1

This is going to be an editorial, so if you don't want to read an editorial, don't read this. Now that I've weeded out all the shoebies, this is actually NOT GOING TO BE AN EDITORIAL, FALSE ALARM. I'm not sure what this is going to be, but I want to highlight a new Game Studio we've just learned about, and since we're small, and they're small, it only seems right that we pick on someone our own size, only by pick on, I mean just talk about their work.

If you want to hear sound, check out their twitter.

We first came across this very early build on reddit under what I'm imagining is another one of their projects (, but recently they've release some copy around what is looking like a full fledged effort to turn one of their games into a GAME.

So this game Block Rush, or at least that's what it seems the working title is, was first a feature on gamechef, and now is becoming a game. After their buddy reffjey released an album, they put out the above gif, and sort of dove in head first..

So far they've made it to iteration 2. From here, I'm not sure where they plan to take it. I know they've mentioned their focus is on making a version of Beatsaber that can be enjoyed from the couch and won't run players more than a few bucks, even mentioning the F word (FREE). I'm on board with it, as I'm sure everyone is, so here's to them following through.

To get on their mailing list or join their discord, check out their website.