The Mandalorian AR Experience is out now on Android

The Mandalorian AR Experience is out now on Android

The Mandalorian is one of the best shows currently on the waves. Now you can get closer than ever to the action with The Mandalorian AR Experience, out now on Android Devices.

The Mandalorian is one heck of a show. It's given us a deeper dive into the Star Wars Universe than we've ever had in live action before. I don't care if it's played out at this point, my love for Baby Yoda grows by the day.

Google, Disney and Lucasfilm have now teamed up to bring fans closer to the action than ever with The Mandalorian AR Experience, out now on select 5G Android devices.

Although the experience was released to coincide with the Season 2 mid-point, the app's content largely revolves around Season 1. In other words, don't expect any major reveals anytime soon.

Although the subjects may be extraordinary, the functionality is closer to your standard mobile augmented reality affair. You can place characters in real life, interact with them, and play out some some scenes from The Mandalorian's first season.

The app is designed really well though; placing AR characters in the world is made to look like you're manipulating those famous Star Wars holograms. The developers will also put out "weekly drops" of new content, so expect more to come soon.

However, the app has been criticised for its rather limited compatibility. The Mandalorian AR Experience is available on only a relatively small range of 5G Android phones, with support for more 5G Android phones on the list. You can check if you have a qualifying device on the ARCore compatibility list. Since it's a Google project, don't expect to see it on the iPhone app store anytime soon.

Star Wars have really been stepping up their AR/VR/XR game this year, with ILMxLAB dropping another major Quest Exclusive last week. You can check out our review of Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy's Edge Episode 1 here!


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