The Last Shark Launches on App Lab: Shark-pocalypse Now

The Last Shark Launches on App Lab: Shark-pocalypse Now

Could you imagine a world where only a few sharks have escaped extinction? This is essentially the emotional story of Aperion Studios' The Last Shark, out now on Oculus App Lab.

When shark-fin traders capture the last two sharks on earth, it's up to you to infiltrate the illegal fishing op and save them.

When Oculus announced their fifth annual Oculus Launch pad program in July last year, up-and-coming VR developers were encouraged to apply for development support for their upcoming projects.

One of those lucky winners was Tejas Shroff from the one-person Aperion Studios, and now, a demo of one of his first game is available to try out for yourself!

The Last Shark is a stealth-action game with a pretty upsetting premise. Overfishing has reduced the global shark population to just two: a mother and a child. When those final two sharks are captured by an illegal fishing operation, ready to be sold on the international markets to the highest bidder, it's up to you to infiltrate it and save them.

Maybe I just have a soft spot for the little finned devils, but the gameplay video and trailer certainly pack an emotional punch. We see a bit of everything the game has to offer: the majesty of following the remaining hammerheads as they traverse the open ocean and punching illicit shark traders in the back of the head.

In other words, it looks like there's the full range of emotional catharsis available in this one. In other other words, I can't wait to punch those guys in the back of the head.

The Last Shark from developer Aperion Studios is out now on App Lab, available here through the Oculus website. Not familiar with App Lab? Why not check out our guide to getting the best games from Oculus's new pre-approval platform!


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