Journey into the Jungle: Tarzan VR arrives later this month

Journey into the Jungle: Tarzan VR arrives later this month

A new behind the scenes featurette has been released, showing off the project and giving us some more key details about the game.

Stonepunk Studios and Fun Train, the developers behind the upcoming Tazan VR, have revealed some new details about the highly-anticipated project in a new behind the scenes featurette released this week.

As we're all too aware, licenced games have a murky history. Despite a few notable exceptions, the prospect of franchise games tend to cause a lot of concern for fans of long established, high-profile IPs.

However, Tarzan VR looks absolutely fantastic. The video will spare fans of the character a lot of anxiety, showcasing Tarzan's history all the way back to his creation by Edgar Rice Burroughs over a century ago.

The game is a single-player experience, but with a great emphasis on randomisation to keep things fresh. This will make subsequent playthroughs a delight; not only will enemies change, but also faces, character designs, and environments, too.

The game, to stay true to Tarzan's literary origins, emulated a comic book style. (Credit: Stonepunk Studios & Fun Train)

In honour of Tarzan of the Ape's literary origins, the game features a cell-shaded, comic book visual design style. You'd be forgiven for thinking it looks a bit like Borderlands. Well... because... it does. A lot.

But that's no bad thing. The design style will really help to create an interesting atmosphere, especially as you're swinging around on vines like George of the Jungle. The team took great pains to make sure they did justice to Tarzan's signature swing. They focused specifically on making sure the exploration and terrain navigation is seamless, fluid and - most importantly - fun.

I bet you've never fought a magic gorilla like thsi before. At least, not in VR. I don't know what you get up to in your personal life. (Credit: Stonepunk Studios & Fun Train)

Tarzan VR will release in three parts, with the first two launching together next week, on the 17th of November, for PC VR headsets.

We already know the game will also come to other platforms - including PSVR - but exactly when they will arrive I'm not sure. For more information, visit the website or the Steam page.

But if you're looking for something a little creepier, we've got you there too.


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