HTC announces two new VR headsets

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Zuckerberg speaks about the potential for a Quest Pro

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Will Sony ban VR users for “Inappropriate Gestures”?

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Is Oculus considering offering the Quest store on other platforms?

In a recent AMA, Bosworth said that he would be fine if the team at Oculus took the Quest store to other devices.…

Are Android apps coming to the Oculus Quest?

This week the VR Youtuber, The Mysticle, tweeted out images that showed Android apps listed in their Quest 2 library.…

VR Tabletop RPG 'Demeo' Releases Today, DLC Already Announced

Turn-based VR RPG Demeo launched today, on the 6th of May 2021. We expect the game to support cross-play with a number of non-VR traditional PC platforms.…

VR parkour game, Stride, is coming to Quest and PSVR headsets

The developers have plans to bring the game out for PlayStation VR and they have recently announced their intentions to release the game for Quest headsets.…

New HTC Vive Could Be For Enterprise, Hints FB Ad

A Tweet & Facebook ad seen by VR Oasis suggests that the new VR Headset HTC will announce at their VIVECON event next week could be enterprise-focused.…

Vertigo Games is publishing a new unannounced VR game from Innerspace

InnerspaceVR, the developers of A Fishermans Tale and Maskmaker, have announced that their next project will be published by After the Fall developer, Vertigo Games.…