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If you delete your Facebook account, you will lose all Oculus purchases and information

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Has Microsoft Flight Simulator leaked Xbox VR details?

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Microsoft Research presents PIVOT, placing VR objects into your hand

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User successfully jailbreaks Quest 2, gets $10,000 reward

In a tweet, Robert Long announced that he was offering a $5000 reward for anyone able to jailbreak the Quest 2, which was then matched by Oculus' founder.…

HTC launches new “VIVE XR Suite”, a VR app bundle aimed at boosting remote productivity

HTC Vive is investing further in their business development ecosystem; they have just launched their business focused suite of VR apps.…

Quest 2 will not support Oculus Go apps.

The Oculus Quest 2 will not support the selection of Oculus Go apps that were made available for the original Quest. This has been confirmed by the CTO of Oculus, John Carmack.…

Facebook account issues effectively brick certain Oculus Quest 2’s.

We have previously reported that the Oculus Quest 2 requires a Facebook account when setting it up. Now users are reporting that their accounts are being locked or banned by the social media giant’s verification system.…

New improvements for the Virtual Desktop

The latest updatefor the Virtual Desktop has improved the streaming performance when remotely playing PC VR games on the Oculus Guest 1 & 2.…

New activities coming to Rec Room for Quest 2

Rec Room announced that more activities that were not previously available on the Quest will make their way on to the Quest 2. Unfortunately, these new activities will only be available for Quest 2 users and will not be accessible for owners of the original Quest headset.…