Guardians VR: Can't Decide Between FPS or RTS? Try This FPS RTS Hyrbid

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New Lovecraftian horror game The Shore is getting VR support

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You can watch the Super Bowl for free with Bigscreen VR

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Other news in SteamVR

Huge new update for VR shooter Pavlov VR adds WW2 tanks and weapons

Pavlov VR has just gotten its biggest update yet. The early access VR shooter has added WW2 weapons, character models, maps, and even fully useable tanks to the game.…

New 1.6 update for Boneworks adds new vehicles and Hover Junkers map

The new 1.6 update for smash VR hit Boneworks will add an entirely new sandbox to the game. It pays tribute to the developers first VR title: Hover Junkers.…

More Highlights from the Steam Winter Sale: Squadrons, Elite Dangerous, FNAF, & more!

The Steam Winter sale is still in full flow. It's not too late to make up for any Christmas day disappointments with huge discounts on a couple of hits!…

Oculus has started its Christmas sale. What to get for your new Quest 2?

Like many game marketplaces around Christmas, the Oculus Store is having a Winter Sale. So, if you managed to get your hands on an Oculus Quest 2 this holiday season there are plenty of offers to start your VR library.…

Highlights from the Steam Winter Sale: Half-Life: Alyx, No Man's Sky, Borderlands 2 VR

2020 has been rough, so this has become the year of self-love. What is a better way to show yourself how much you love by participating in the Steam sale?…

Virtual Reality Epic Tarzan VR™ Price Slashed in Steam Winter Sale

It's a rough holiday season, but it just got a little bit brighter: Stonepunk & FunTrain have hit Tarzan VR™ Issue #1 & #2 with a huge discount.…