HITMAN 3 PSVR (PS4) Review

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New update for No Man’s Sky improves resolution and framerate for PSVR on PS5

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'HITMAN 3' Launch Trailer Drops Ahead Of Tomorrow's Release

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Other news in PSVR

Sony's Developer Problem Could Spell Trouble for PSVR2

Sony are in a perilous spot: they need to do something to keep developers interested while business law would imply they'd be better off spending elsewhere.…

First Contact Entertainment's Solaris: Offworld Combat Coming to PSVR Early in 2021

Good news for arena shooter fans. First Contact Entertainment's Oculus-exclusive shooter Solaris: Offworld Combat is coming to PSVR early in 2021.…

VR contraption game Gadgeteer will launch on PS VR in 2021

Developer Metanaut has confirmed that the game will be released on the console in Q1 2021.…

Hitman 3 for PS5 will include a free copy of the PS4 version for use with PS VR

IO Interactive are including a free PS4 version of the upcoming Hitman 3 with the purchase of the upgraded PS5 title.…

Waltz Of The Wizard Developer halts expansion amid PSVR silence

While we've grown accustom to a "wait and see" approach to PSVR2 while Sony was busy releasing the PS5, some VR developers aren't quite so optimistic.…

Sony releases a new PS VR Mega Pack with 5 games and PS5 Adaptor

Sony has announced their new PS VR Mega Pack for the 2020 holiday season. It launches this month in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The pack features 5 popular PS VR titles along with the PlayStation camera and the PS5 adaptor.…