Baby Yoda in VR – Star Wars: Squadrons Mandalorian update

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The bible in VR - DvG: Conquering Giants

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Here's what you'll need to use your PlayStation VR Headset with PS5

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Other news in PlaystationVR

PS5 HD Camera will not support Sony’s PSVR 1

Sony has released a blog post detailing frequently asked questions about how the upcoming PS5will support PS4 titles, they confirmed that the new PS5 HD Camera is not compatible with the current PS VR hardware.…

ILMxLAB's Lightsaber Dojo to return as Nomadic LBE

Yesterday, ILMxLAB and Nomadic revealed that Vader Immortal's Lightsaber Dojo mode would return once again as an epic LBE.…

Mortal Blitz: Combat Arena gets PSVR Release Next Week

Korean VR developer Skonec Entertainment's free-to-play First Person Shooter is set to release on PlayStation VR next week. The title, which shot to popularity during it's Beta last month, is slated to launch on the 8th of October.…

Budget Cuts FINALLY hits PSVR

Budget Cuts, the oil-splatter filled VR title originally released in 2018, has finally hit PSVR.…

Sony Patent Hints at Next-Gen PSVR Controller Design

While it is all but confirmed that Sony is hard at work on the PSVR2, a new patent may have given us a hint as to what the Next-Gen PSVR Controllers will look like.…

Minecraft is now available for PSVR

Minecraft on PS4 received a free update yesterday that adds PS VR support to the game.…