Bigscreen VR Launches 172 Free TV Channels

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System Shock VR? It looks like System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition will get VR support

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Huge new update for VR shooter Pavlov VR adds WW2 tanks and weapons

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Other news in PCVR

New update for cyberpunk VR experience “Low Fi”

Move aside Cyberpunk 2077, a new cyberpunk game is here, and it looks amazing. The team have released another update for their work in progress build that includes various performance improvements as well as a casino, traffic system and other content.…

Sequel to VR boxing hit Thrill of the Fight will include multiplayer

One of the best VR boxing titles, Thrill of the Fight, will be getting a sequel. The game was created by a small indie developed, Ian Fitz, and he recently announced that plans and early development were underway for the sequel.…

VR games to look forward to in 2021

So, you got a brand-new VR headset for Christmas and you’ve already downloaded all the top games from Steam, or the Oculus Store. You’re ready to spend your weekends in Boneworks and your evenings in Vacation Simulator but what’s next? What games should you be looking at in 2021?…

New 1.6 update for Boneworks adds new vehicles and Hover Junkers map

The new 1.6 update for smash VR hit Boneworks will add an entirely new sandbox to the game. It pays tribute to the developers first VR title: Hover Junkers.…

Oculus Quest is getting the VR Fitness app HoloFit

The VR workout app Holofit has recently been listed on the Oculus Store. The subscription based fitness and workout service is now the second app on the Oculus store to operate with a subscription. The first, Supernatural, released earlier this year.…

Oculus has started its Christmas sale. What to get for your new Quest 2?

Like many game marketplaces around Christmas, the Oculus Store is having a Winter Sale. So, if you managed to get your hands on an Oculus Quest 2 this holiday season there are plenty of offers to start your VR library.…