Quest 2 Air Link feature is now available for everyone

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Just 12 Hours Left In The Oculus 24 Hour Flash Sale

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The first ever Oculus Gaming Showcase is broadcasting soon

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Other news in Oculus

Oculus Quest games are already taking advantage of 120Hz refresh rates

Quest 2 users can opt into the 120 Hz option via a toggle in the Experimental panel to experience these applications at higher frame rates.…

Don’t expect a Quest 3 or a Quest 2 Pro any time soon

It is unlikely that we will see any new standalone headsets from Oculus for at least the remainder of 2021.…

Oculus Quest to receive official wireless streaming, 120Hz support, and Infinite Office updates

The newest update for the Oculus Quest 2 software, v28, will add some crazy new features to the headset.…

Mark your calendars for the first ever Oculus Gaming Showcase

Oculus has announced their first ever Oculus Gaming Showcase. It looks like it will be an online presentation similar to the likes of the Nintendo Direct.…

Swarm VR is out now and the developers have promised that there is no motion sickness

Swarm, the single player grappling hook shooter has officially launched on the Oculus store.…

Pavlov Shack Overview

Now that Pavlov Shack is finally on the App Lab, we figured it was time to give all of you so info on what you are missing out on.…