Wolfenstein 3D VR Port Out Now On SideQuest - Check it Out!

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Oculus Quest gets Facebook Messenger in new update

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Oculus App Lab bring unlisted app distribution to the Quest

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Other news in OculusQuest2

New VR FPS Hyper Dash coming to the Quest

After 9 months in open alpha on the SideQuest app store, VR FPS, Hyper Dash is getting a full release on the official Oculus store.…

Unlisted app distribution for Quest 2 coming soon

Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth, Vice President of Augmented and Virtual Reality at Facebook hinted in a recent Instagram AMA that unlisted app distribution for the Oculus Quest 2 is coming soon.…

New Beat Saber update for the Oculus Quest 2 unlocks 90hz support

The Quest 2 version has just been updated to support the increased refresh rate of the new headset.…

Facebook VP calls for a change in the way they handle privacy

The head of Facebook Reality Labs, Andrew Bosworth, released an internal memo called the “Big Shift”. In it he calls for the company to begin creating products and services that better balance the need for data and the expectation of user privacy.…

Guest Post: VR shooter from company VIRTUACTIONS on the Oculus Quest 2

VR Arenas with free-roam laser tag are already here.…

New VR title for SideQuest - Warplanes: WW1 Fighters

A new game for the unofficial Appstore for Oculus Quest headsets, SideQuest, is maybe the most polished title on the store.…