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Has Microsoft Flight Simulator leaked Xbox VR details?

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Microsoft Research presents PIVOT, placing VR objects into your hand

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User successfully jailbreaks Quest 2, gets $10,000 reward

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New “Spatial Reality Display” unveiled by Sony

Sony recently announced a new 15.6-inch 4K display that includes eye tracking and an imbedded lenticular lens array that will allow users to view 3D content without the use of glasses.…

Facebook launch 'Conduct in VR Policy' to protect users from abuse

Facebook have made changes to their Community Standards outline in order to foster a safer environment for users in VR.…

Apple's iPhone 12 Pro to have LiDAR Scanner for "Instant AR" capabilities

Apple announced today that it's newly touted iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be equipped with a LiDAR scanner.…

Oculus Facebook account requirement is here

This week Facebook is rolling out their new Facebook login requirements. All first-time sign ins to Oculus devices will now require users to create or link a Facebook account.…

Virtuix announces a new VR treadmill for home use

Virtuix has announced a new VR treadmill called the Omni One for at home consumer use. This is not the first VR treadmill produced by Virtuix, who have been a stalwart of the VR scene since 2013, they have produced similar, more expensive products for commercial use.…

The All-New ZapBox revealed on Kickstarter, MR headset for only $40

Today, Zappar unveiled the Kickstarter campaign for the “all-new ZapBox”, an “awesome mixed reality (MR)” headset for only $40.…