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Award-Winning 'HTC Vive Air' NOT Being Announced Next Month

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Spatial Updates: VR Meetings App To Add Private Rooms, Host Tools & AR Object Scanning

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Sandbox VR plans to open 15 new locations by the end of 2021

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Stress Level Zero's 'Project 4' for PSVR 2? Boneworks Dev 90% Sure

Very little is known as Stress Level Zero's follow-up to Boneworks, but we may have just seen the first hints that it'll be coming to PlayStation VR 2, too.…

Is Bone Conduction the best way to type in VR?

A group of researchers from the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zürich, Switzerland have developed a new way to type in VR. They call the new technology TapID.…

Facebook's New AR Wrist-Interface Literally Reads Your Mind

Facebook Reality Labs have unveiled a video presentation featuring a prototype wrist-mounted interface for high-fidelity hand tracking & advanced haptics.…

PSVR2 Controllers - First Look At Next-Gen VR on PS5 Controllers

Sony plans to bring the "how games feel" ethos even further with their Next-Gen VR Controllers, with haptics and triggers to change the feeling of PSVR2.…

Xbox VR: Has an Italian Series X/S Notification Revealed VR Support?

An Italian update message may have revealed that Xbox Series X/S VR Support is finally on the horizon. Could Microsoft be preparing to take a shot at VR?…

Kickstarter for the new Tundra Tracker to launch at the end of March

The SteamVR compatible full-body motion tracking, Tundra Tracker is launching a Kickstarter for their product on the 29th of March.…