HTC Vivecon: New HTC Vive Headset To Be Revealed Next Month?

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HTC Finally Teases New Vive Headset in Twitter Close-Up

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The new VR Facial Tracker from HTC works on other PC VR headsets

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Other news in HTCVive

Kickstarter for the new Tundra Tracker to launch at the end of March

The SteamVR compatible full-body motion tracking, Tundra Tracker is launching a Kickstarter for their product on the 29th of March.…

HTC Vive 'Next-Gen Standalone' Releasing Later This Year

It's official: HTC are planning to release a new all-in-one VR Headset this year, described as a 'Next-Gen Standalone", but not as a 'Quest competitor.'…

HTC starts their weeklong discounts on the Vive Cosmos

Today HTC has announced several week long deals for their Vive Cosmos series of headsets.The savings included in the deals takes a total of £120 from the retail price.…

HTC Vive Cosmos & Cosmos Elite $100 Off For Black Friday

Black Friday may have passed, but the deals aren't over just yet. One of the major VR bargains this time round: Vive Cosmos & Cosmos Elite still $100 off.…

Viveport is giving developers 100% of their app revenue until the end of 2020

Viveport, the HTC storefront for SteamVR headsets, is giving developers 100% of revenue from that storefront until the end of the year.…

HTC launches new “VIVE XR Suite”, a VR app bundle aimed at boosting remote productivity

HTC Vive is investing further in their business development ecosystem; they have just launched their business focused suite of VR apps.…