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Microsoft Research presents PIVOT, placing VR objects into your hand

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New “Spatial Reality Display” unveiled by Sony

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The All-New ZapBox revealed on Kickstarter, MR headset for only $40

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VR glove maker HaptX has won a $1.5 million NSF grant to create full-body haptics for VR.

Yesterday, VR company HaptX announcedthat they have been awarded a $1.5 million National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to help fund the creation of a haptic feedback system that would produce sensation in the user’s arms and legs.…

Simulated Walking in Virtual Reality with Massive ROBOT SHOES

A VR start-up from Pittsburgh believe they have solved the riddle of locomotion in virtual reality. Simulated walking can only be achieved with ROBOT SHOES.…

XRHealth debuts new at-home VR therapy for ADHD

XRHealth has developed a VR app for people suffering from ADHD.…

Sony Patent Hints at Next-Gen PSVR Controller Design

While it is all but confirmed that Sony is hard at work on the PSVR2, a new patent may have given us a hint as to what the Next-Gen PSVR Controllers will look like.…

Oculus Quest 2 Officially Announced: Here's the Scoop

Update: the leaks were real. Facebook Connect has come and gone, and we have an official announcement for the Oculus Quest 2 all-in-one VR headset.…

Nreal Receives Another $40 Million in Funding

Nreal, a global leader in augmented reality and mixed reality technologies, recently received roughly $40 million in new funding to help develop new headsets and other devices. The story was…