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Has Microsoft Flight Simulator leaked Xbox VR details?

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The bible in VR - DvG: Conquering Giants

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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is universally hated... by our Cats

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Here's what you'll need to use your PlayStation VR Headset with PS5

What will you actually need to use your PlayStation VR headset with your PS5? Here's everything you need to know.…

PS5 HD Camera will not support Sony’s PSVR 1

Sony has released a blog post detailing frequently asked questions about how the upcoming PS5will support PS4 titles, they confirmed that the new PS5 HD Camera is not compatible with the current PS VR hardware.…

Sony Patent Hints at Next-Gen PSVR Controller Design

While it is all but confirmed that Sony is hard at work on the PSVR2, a new patent may have given us a hint as to what the Next-Gen PSVR Controllers will look like.…

Minecraft is now available for PSVR

Minecraft on PS4 received a free update yesterday that adds PS VR support to the game.…

Microsoft acquiring Bethesda and ZeniMax Media.

Microsoft has made yet another major acquisition to bring under the Xbox brand, this time they acquired ZeniMax Media and its videogame publisher Bethesda Softworks.…

PS5 Game Boost will improve the performance of some PS VR games.

Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will be able to improve the performance of some PS VR and PS4 games using its Game Boost feature.…