PSVR2 Controllers - First Look At Next-Gen VR on PS5 Controllers

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Xbox VR: Has an Italian Series X/S Notification Revealed VR Support?

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New update for No Man’s Sky improves resolution and framerate for PSVR on PS5

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VR games to look forward to in 2021

So, you got a brand-new VR headset for Christmas and you’ve already downloaded all the top games from Steam, or the Oculus Store. You’re ready to spend your weekends in Boneworks and your evenings in Vacation Simulator but what’s next? What games should you be looking at in 2021?…

VR contraption game Gadgeteer will launch on PS VR in 2021

Developer Metanaut has confirmed that the game will be released on the console in Q1 2021.…

Hitman 3 for PS5 will include a free copy of the PS4 version for use with PS VR

IO Interactive are including a free PS4 version of the upcoming Hitman 3 with the purchase of the upgraded PS5 title.…

Rec Room “Premium Users” can sell creations for in-game currency

Way back in September Rec Room announced that they were working on a way for users to earn cash by selling their in-game content. Now, a little over two months later, they have gone part of the way to making that a reality.…

Sony releases a new PS VR Mega Pack with 5 games and PS5 Adaptor

Sony has announced their new PS VR Mega Pack for the 2020 holiday season. It launches this month in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The pack features 5 popular PS VR titles along with the PlayStation camera and the PS5 adaptor.…

PlayStation Camera adaptor to come bundled with new Iron Man PS VR bundles later this year

If you are a late adopter of the PS VR headset you won’t have to jump through any hoops to make sure that you can play your PS VR games on the new PS5. Sony has confirmed that the Iron Man PS VR headset bundle will come with a camera adaptor as standard in the US and Canada.…